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Eaton Electrical Group has fully acquired Cooper Industries. The two leaders in the electrical industry join hands to become a new global leader in power management. Since then, Cooper (Ningbo) was officially integrated into Eaton.


Cooper (Ningbo) established Edison (Ningbo) R & D sub-center. The sub-center adopts the world’s leading solid sealing technology, control technology and permanent magnet technology developed by Cooper R & D, having greatly enhanced the company’s innovation ability and leadership in the field of medium voltage switchgear, and independently developed new-generation intelligent switchgear suite.


Cooper Power Systems and Ningbo Nature Science and Technology Co., Ltd. have set up a joint venture Cooper (Ningbo) Electric Co., Ltd., in a bid to expand local production of world-leading switchgear products, and ensure that the products are produced with the leading U.S. technology. We provide clients with personalized products and services.

The 1990s – 2000

The company has undergone optimization and combination, and reduced dependence on cyclical industries, such as: automotive, petroleum, etc. It finally established the two departments – electrical products and tools – which are still the focus of development of Cooper.

1950 – the 1980s

Cooper begins to make efforts to achieve product diversification, and scored remarkable results. Cooper products cover electrical products, electrical power equipment, automotive products, tools and hardware. During this period, it also acquired long-established Crouse-Hinds (1981) and McGraw-Edison (1985) which was based on the combination of Edison Company set up by the famous inventor Thomas Edison and McGraw Electric.

1930 – the 1940s

From the Great Depression to World War II, Cooper has played its important role. Cooper provided power engines for all Navy minesweepers and Free Cruiser which transports 75% of the goods for the armed forces.

The 1880s – 1929

With the gradual retirement of steam power, Cooper focused on the research and development of gas engine technology. Cooper’s pipeline compression engine has become the leader in the United States. This product has also vigorously promoted the development of the oil and gas industry. The most important event during this period is a historic merger with Bessemer Gas Engine Company.

The 1840s – 1875

Cooper focused on the production of steam engine and took advantage of the increasing use of rail transport to expand its customer outreach. During this period, Cooper engines witnessed rapid development in innovative technology, and brought the energy power from an agricultural society into an industrial society.


The brothers Charles and Elias Cooper set up an iron foundry in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and named the company as C&E Cooper. The initial products included plows, cans and stoves.

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