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Origin of technology

Edison R & D center - the only R & D center named after the great inventor Thomas Edison – was set up in China in 2005 and the Edison (Ningbo) R & D sub-center was established at Cooper (Ningbo) in 2009. The sub-center adopts world’s leading solid sealing technology, control technology and permanent magnet technology developed by Cooper R & D, having greatly enhanced the company’s innovation ability and leadership in the field of medium voltage switchgear, and independently developed new-generation intelligent switchgear suite.

R & D Overview

Cooper (Ningbo), a national high-tech enterprise, is at the forefront in China in terms of R & D capabilities and production scale in the field of high-voltage switchgear. while continuing to maintain its edge, Cooper (Ningbo), relying on its global sharing platform - Edison R & D Center, integrates the global resources and applies Cooper’s state-of-the-art control technology, permanent magnet technology and solid sealing technology and on-line detection technology under the impetus of Cooper’s powerful global strategy engine. Meanwhile, it improves the product management, connects to Cooper’s international and domestic marketing network, strive to become an innovator and leader in the power transmission and distribution field, and endeavor to develop switchgear and intelligent power distribution system most suited to the power transmission and distribution market in China.

R & D team

By combining the advantages, Cooper (Ningbo) will achieve complementary resources on the basis of the existing power distribution products, introduce and absorb Cooper’s advanced control technology, permanent magnet technology and solid sealing technology and on-line detection technology, in a bid to enhance the product quality and meet the growing diverse demands on the domestic and international markets. The company’s medium and high-end VN series switchgear equipment ranks first in the country  in terms of market share, and the latest high-end CE series switchgear have a mechanical life of up to 50,000 times, bringing them on a par with ABB’s products. In accordance with its long-term strategic planning, the company is advancing steadily to become an innovator and leader in the field of transmission and distribution solutions.
The company has won such honors as national high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang advanced enterprise for building harmonious labor relations, one of the first model enterprises for “two innovations” in Ningbo, Ningbo excellent employer, Cixi demonstration enterprises for occupational health, Top 100 Cixi enterprises as taxpayers, Hangzhou Bay New Area Independent Innovation award, prize for tax per mu and award for the introduction of talent.

Cooper (Ningbo) has 585 employees, including 74 R & D and technical personnel, 57 staff with senior titles, and 2 staff with doctoral degrees. Technical personnel accounts for nearly 12% of the total staff. The company has a total of 29 patents, including 3 patents for inventions; the corporate sales network covers upwards of 30 provinces and cities in China, and its products are exported to the international market. It is listed as manufacturers of key equipment type selection in the petrochemical, railway, metallurgy and other sectors.

The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and was named was 2014 Zhejiang model enterprise for management system certification. The company set up a dedicated environment health safety (EHS) department and EHS committee. Under the premise of saving resources and energy, it achieves safe production, and the indicators reach the national environmental standards.

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